Affirmation for Manifesting Wealth

You are completely capable of manifesting your own wealth.

Affirmations are emotional support and encouragement to keep striving for excellence. They help overcome negative and self-sabotaging thoughts by pushing positive ones into the mind.

Today’s affirmation is all about manifesting financial wealth. Saying this one will encourage you to take opportunities for financial freedom and leave all the doubt, negative thoughts, and bad energy behind.

I am clear about my financial situation.

I understand what I need to do in order to be financially successful.

I am the master of my own money.

I have unlimited potential to make money.

I know that the only limits I have are the ones I put on myself.

I am thankful for the abundance that is coming to me.

I deserve to be paid for my time, skills and effort.

Money does not control my happiness.

I attract prosperity with ease.

I am wise with my money.

I am focused on becoming financially secure

so I can forget about pay day.

I am turning into someone that makes amazing financial decisions.

I am worthy of financial security.

Money is my friend.

I am grateful for my ability to properly manage my money.

Because I know in my heart that my family and I deserve financial freedom and happiness.

manifesting wealth

“Affirmations takes advantage of our reward circuits, which can be quite powerful. Many studies have shown that these circuits can do things like dampen pain and help us maintain balance in the face of threats.”

The study above also found that self-affirmation increased activity in the medial prefrontal cortex (MPFC) and posterior cingulate (PCC), areas of the brain connected to self-related processing. It suggests that increases in self-related processing act as a kind of emotional buffer to any painful, negative, or threatening information that follows.

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