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Healthy Weight Week 2020

Healthy Weight Week began 26 years ago to help people understand that your health is not really about any number, but rather the pursuit of a livable and sustainable healthy lifestyle. By eating well, being physically active, and feeling good all around you can live longer and happier.

This week gives us all a chance to reflect on our own health and wellness. It’s a time to live diet-free and address any health concerns we may have about ourselves or others. Are we as healthy as we could be? Are there changes that could be made to eat healthier and be more physically active?

The first step is to examine your relationship with food and exercise. It’s really important to start with small changes in your lifestyle. Instead of setting a goal weight, just start by using a smaller plate so you are having the appropriate amount of food. This week is not about your BMI or how much you weigh. It’s about learning to love your body, and if needed, changing your relationship with food and exercise for the better.  

Did you know that there are uncontrollable elements that affect weight? like height, bone density, body type (endomorph, mesomorph, ectomorph), and body composition (the innate ratio of body muscle to fat).

Most of us are aware of our eating habits, so it’s all about eliminating what we already know we shouldn’t be eating and replacing it with healthier alternatives likes fruits and vegetables.

Starting small is the best and easiest path to success. Here are 15 things you can do to start a healthier lifestyle. Try one or two at a time and gradually begin to introduce what works for you into your daily routine!

Drink plenty of water

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It is mind-boggling when you look at all the benefits of a little H2O. Besides the obvious hydration it gives us, It also flushes body waste, delivers oxygen to the body and lubricates the joints.

Start by adding 1 extra glass of water a day for a week. Want a challenge? Try drinking 4 glasses a day!    

Go outside

Fresh air is good for the body. It has been linked to better digestion, lower blood pressure, and a strengthened immune system. Fresh air also cleans your lungs. Getting fresh air on a regular basis will lower depression and anxiety.

Start by going outside and breathing deeply for 1 minute. Want a challenge? Try breathing deeply for 3 minutes!

Eat more greens

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Rich in minerals and vitamins that contribute to many health benefits such as the reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and strong teeth and bones. Not a fan of leafy greens? You can swap it for bread, add it to soups, or mix it in a smoothie.

Start by adding leafy greens to your dinners for a week. Want a challenge? Try salad for breakfast!

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Stress is the number one cause of headaches, fatigue, and poor health. It also takes a toll on us physically as most of us tense when we feel stress or anxiety. Learn your body’s tell-tale signs of stress and eliminate or minimize the stress as best as you can.

Start by taking a few deep breathes or walking away for 5 minutes when you feel stressed out or over-worked. Want a challenge? Write down all the ways that you could minimize the stress in your life, and try at least 1.

Sleep Better

A proper sleep routine can result in more productive, happier days. The average adult requires at least 7-9 hours of sleep to function at their best. including how nerve cells (neurons) communicate with each other. In fact, your brain and body stay remarkably active while you sleep. Recent findings suggest that sleep plays a housekeeping role that removes toxins in your brain that build up while you are awake

Start by going to bed 20 minutes earlier than you normally would. Want a challenge? Try getting 8 hours of sleep every day for a week!


National guidelines suggest a minimum of 2.5 hours of physical activity per week or about 30 minutes a day. Not one for exercise? Try a brisk walk 15 minutes one way and 15 minutes back. 

Start by taking a 15-minute walk. Want a challenge? Take a 30-minute walk and add stretching before and after.

Love Yourself

Find a way that makes you fall in love with yourself again. When you do you will notice how much more confident you become, how much deeper your relationships are, and how positive your mind-set becomes.

Start with a daily affirmation for a week. Want a challenge? Do a self-care day just for you! Spend the day getting pampered and notice how much better you feel about yourself after.

Appreciate Diversity

Understand that there are all different colors, shapes, and sizes. No particular shape or color is any better than the other. Promote healthy living to all and help stop prejudice against size.

Start by spreading awareness about the need for diversity. Want a challenge? Try learning about a new culture. You may be surprised at how alike we all are!

Get a Check-Up

A general check-up from your family doctor usually happens every 6 months or a year. But there is no harm in making an appointment to talk to your doctor about your overall health. check your blood pressure, lungs, and heart. Talk to your doctor about other screenings and tests for people your age such as cancers, thyroid, and other common illnesses.

What will you do for a healthy weight week? If nothing else simply be aware of how you can become healthier. It will lead you to a happier more productive self! and who doesn’t want that?

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