how you can keep your liver healthy and happy

How To Keep Your Liver Happy and Healthy

The liver, which is a topic known to bore most people, is, in fact, the most interesting organ we have(in my humble opinion). Did you know it is the only organ that has an ability to completely regrow itself using only 25% of its original tissues? Talk about mind-boggling! 

It has over 500 functions in the human body but its primary function is bile production and excretion. Bile is an alkaline fluid that helps digestion occur. It is secreted from the liver and stored in the gallbladder. It seems a little gross but this process has to occur for the liver to survive. And trust me, you want this organ to survive. It filters our blood and destroys any toxins in the body. Without it or at least a part of it – humans cannot survive.    

How To Keep It Healthy

A proper diet and exercise – When we neglect our bodies our liver has to work in overdrive to eliminate toxic substances that enter the body and bloodstream. When it is overworked for too long it can result in what is now called fatty liver disease. This condition is treatable but if left untreated can result in cancer.

Fatty Liver disease and how to avoid it

Limit the amount of drugs/medication – Some medications can affect the liver if too much is taken. Tylenol for example, when taken with alcohol repeatedly can cause serious damage and in some cases death. 

The less alcohol the better – Too much alcohol puts it to work. Alcohol kills liver cells and if more are dying than can be regenerated a condition called cirrhosis can occur. This is from long term damage when too many cells become scar tissue from continued damage and repair. 

A Few More Interesting Facts About the Liver 

Any living creature with a spinal column or a backbone has one.

The liver never uses sugar for energy. It only stores sugar. Between meals when our body needs sugar, the liver breaks down the glycogen to form glucose. This glucose is then used by the remaining body as energy fuel.

At any given point in time, it contains 10% of the total blood in the body and filters around 1.4 liters of blood every single minute.

To really sum it all up the liver is vital to our very existence.Share this post and remind others to be kind to it and take care of it because it does more for us than we truly realize.

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