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How To Step Up Your Oral Health Game

There is no manual to tell you about proper oral hygiene. More than 60% of North Americans can’t even afford a dentist. This means that a large population will need to hone in on their oral hygiene techniques.

Some of us don’t even think about how we brush our teeth with the million other things we have going on in our lives. But it is so important to take 10 minutes out of your day (5 in the morning and 5 at night) to take proper care of your mouth. 

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Here is a step by step guide to healthy oral hygiene habits.

Step One – Buy a toothbrush that has soft bristles and is comfortable in the mouth. If possible, purchase an electric toothbrush. They greatly reduce the risk of gum disease and eliminates more plaque.

Step Two –  Use a fluoride toothpaste. Sensitive kinds of toothpaste are especially helpful for pain. Avoid charcoal toothpaste as they can contain chemicals that are not healthy in the mouth. 

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Step Three – Brush with circular motions getting teeth, gums, and tongue. Be careful! brushing too hard can damage the gums. 

Step Four – Rinse the toothbrush with water and store it in an upright position. Replace your toothbrush every 3 months or when the bristles get too soft. 

Step Five – Flossing is a must. Use the floss in a rubbing motion and guide it around each tooth. One tooth at a time and be gentle.


Tips when drinking and eating  

Using straws with sweetened drinks reduces contact to the teeth and therefore, the risk of cavities.

Mouthwash helps eliminate some of the bacteria inside our mouths. Use it in between brushing.

Replace sugary drinks and sweets with yogurt, milk, and water.

Rinsing the mouth with water after each meal reduces the amount of acid build-up and thus fights gum diseases. 

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