10 Way’s To Achieve Inner Peace Right Now

People often explain inner peace as a mental and spiritual calm that puts us in a state of consciousness. Sounds nice right? But it is hard to picture. What does inner peace actually look like in our daily lives? Contrary to popular belief inner peace is not reserved for monks or yogis. It can be obtained by anyone living an ordinary life. It is independent of external conditions and circumstances.

A scientific definition explains inner peace as our mind’s ability to perform at an optimal level despite intense stressors that may happen around us. The ability to feel blissful even through the toughest of times. And although that can be extremely difficult, it prepares us for hard times.

This is a story that happened to me recently, and the reason I wanted to write this post…

It’s Sunday. I wake up feeling a little groggy and lazily walk into the kitchen to make your morning cup of joe. Coffee always makes things better. I notice the container of coffee is empty and look in the cupboard for another can of coffee, but sadly, that was the last of the last one. I look around to see what else there is. No tea, no coffee. I walk to the living room to find my spouse sipping away on what I’m now sure was the last of the coffee. Okay, no biggie, taking a breath in I decide to go for a drive to the grocery store and get more coffee, I’ll pick-up a ready-made coffee on the way.

I go to the bedroom to get dressed and because you’re rushing you rip right through your favourite track pants. UGHH! Making a mental note to try and salvage those later I run into the laundry hamper and throw on dirty ones. Finally, I run out to the car. But shocker, the car won’t start. The battery is dead. So here I am, with dirty pants on feeling coffeeless and hopeless.

Anger and frustration building. Creeping up and tempting to take over. But I won’t allow it. Immediately I relax my body, take a few good deep breaths in and out, smile and head inside to get the booster cables.

Why Does My Story Matter?

It matters because my ability to be fully aware of my emotions helped me to find the inner peace I desperately needed to handle that situation.

This kind of peace doesn’t just happen either, it takes time, effort, and patience. Sometimes years of experience and practice. I also want to be clear and say that I do not always handle my situations with such a calm demeanour, but I was proud of how I handled things then and hope to make that a regular habit. I should also be clear and say that inner peace doesn’t mean you ignore the stressors of life, It just means you deal with them in a positive and logical state of mind. 

The Bottom Line

Inner peace allows you the rare opportunity to not be swayed by hardships and difficulties. You obtain a clearer judgment that can make important decisions on the spot. Inner peace allows your relationships get better, deeper, and more meaningful. You are able to see the good qualities in others easier and faster.

Because you feel at peace the risk of anxiety, stress, and anger dissipate. You are more focused and able to problem-solve effectively. Concentration becomes heightened and you begin to feel in control of yourself again.

Also, inner peace opens the door to spiritual awakening and enlightenment. The healing energies of your body and mind are not hindered when working. It is amazing how uplifted and motivated you become when negative noise is removed.

10 Way’s to Achieve Inner peace 

Find a relaxation technique that works for you – Meditation may not be for you but you could try deep breathing, Tai Chi, yoga, art, or music therapy to release tension and re-energize the body.

Slow Down – This is something a lot of us forget to do. We get so busy with the millions of things going on in our lives that we forget to slow down and enjoy the little things. Remember to slow down once in a while and smell the roses.

Declutter your world and mind – It is amazing how good you feel when you declutter your living spaces and create your own personal paradise right in your home. You should be able to come home and feel comfortable and relaxed at least some of the time.

Be 10 minutes early going anywhere – This seems trivial but it makes a huge difference. Preparing yourself to be a little earlier means you have extra time in the event that something unforeseen happens along the way.

Accept what you cannot change – There are certain situations that cannot be changed. That is a fact. But we can always change our perspectives and views on those situations to minimize our negative thoughts and feelings towards them. Focus on the good!

Inner Peace Quote

Let go of those negative feelings – Free yourself from the heavy negativity that can sometimes take over our minds. Catch yourself early enough to squash those thoughts and remove self-doubt. Be positive and trust me, good things will come.

Be honest with yourself – This is a pretty hard one for most. We often lie to ourselves about how we feel or our reasoning behind doing things we know are wrong. Be honest and walk your truth. If people don’t like it, then so be it. Those that belong in your life will respect your honesty.

Exercise regularly – Get active! Just a simple 30 minute walk a day can do wonders for your physical and mental health.

Be clear about what you want out of life – Not sure what you want to do with your life? Now is the time to find out. Do a little soul searching and start planning for your future self. You will not regret it!

Eat cleaner – Get to love healthy foods. Not a fan of salad? Seek alternatives that still give you the nutrients and energy you need daily. The important thing is to be aware and make changes that will benefit you.  

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