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The Ultimate Interview Checklist -Be prepared and Feel Confident

We all at one time or another have had to or will have to succumb to a formal interview at least once in our lives. They can be awkward, nerve racking and pretty intimidating.

A lot can ride on just one interview. Maybe your hoping for a pay raise, or your finally being interviewed for a dream job. Whatever your reasoning, you want it to go over really well.

Planning for an interview can be so overwhelming. Be sure to check out our awesome article on how to communicate effectively in an interview, this post will give you guidance on how to talk confidently and sound persuasive in an interview setting.

Interviews are not just to talk about your skills and abilities, but it can be a great example of how well you perform under pressure. The interviewer may be questioning in their head “Did this person come prepared?” or ” Does this person seem too nervous?” Will they be a good, strong fit in the company?”

The best thing you can do for yourself is to be well prepared. Not just with answers to their questions. The interviewer will be looking at you as a whole. Appearances, unfortunately, do make all the difference. For example, looking tired can be a sign of “too much on your plate” or appearing too relaxed and calm can seem as if you don’t care.

Sometimes, it can be hard to get organized. Thinking of what points to talk about and what research you should do can be daunting. There are other people just as hungry for the position and it is extremely important that you bring your A-game!

To help you out Spirited Soul has created the ultimate interview checklist that will provide you with everything you need to do to ensure that you arrive at your interview looking and feeling confident and prepared.

Below is the downloadable PDF file available to print

prepared interview checklist
prepared interview checklist

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