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Introduction to Self-Discovery

There is a theory of self-discovery that encourages you to live a better life simply by knowing who you are and what you stand for. Your character, interests, physical attributes, ethnicity, and knowledge/skills can act as a foundation for the choices you make. Aligning your beliefs with actions will aid you in becoming confident in the path you take in life. 

We all want to better ourselves. The question is how? It’s tough to improve on weaknesses you may not know exist. You need to know who you are. Your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and morals all play a part in the direction your life may take. If you can develop the weaknesses, leverage the strengths, and create a better moral compass, you can make the path to success clearer and a little easier. 

People that are unclear about who they are, their own behaviors, and personality traits most likely find it hard to make choices in everyday life. Even small decisions are frustrating because they don’t have a nurtured sense of direction or overall purpose. It’s perfectly okay to feel that way! you just haven’t solidified in your mind’s eye who you are and what you stand for.

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DON’T WORRY! You can rectify this right now!

The way to do it is through self-discovery A theory that humans gain knowledge and understanding of who they are by educating themselves on their own personalities. Gathering awareness of your innermost motives, values, and desires will determine your chance of success. This is done with self-assessments and reflection. Some people can achieve this through meditation or therapeutic actions. Having a bath, for example, where you can sit and think to yourself. A trained mind may find that easy, but not everyone is able to keep their mind from running all over the place when they finally get moments alone. 

Why Self-Discovery?

Because knowing exactly who you are gives life meaning. self-discovery is a process of understanding your past, changing what you can in the present, and improving for the future. It may seem like you know yourself but I bet you will be surprised after careful assessment, how skewed our perceptions of who we are can be. It builds confidence, clarifies our personal strengths, and allows us the opportunity to take advantage of all life has to offer.

Self-discovery promotes a good habit of continuous growth and personal development. Your self-identity becomes clearer and more refined. As you become more aware of yourself you can successfully initiate, and nurture healthy and strong relationships. Decision making becomes easier, and your thought process clearer.

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It forces you to evaluate your current goals, make changes to existing ones, or make new ones. As you discover more about yourself determining your next course of action becomes clearer. You are able to create unique solutions to problems with certainty. You become more resilient. Another benefit to self-awareness is realizing and learning from the poor decisions you may have made in the past. It’s a chance to forgive yourself or others for wrong-doings and an opportunity for closure and peace.

Starting Self-Discovery

Self-discovery really starts with finding your identity. The self-identification process should result in a set of qualities and behaviors that set you apart from others. Self-identity is found through doing heavy reflection and self-assessments. There is no set way to assess yourself, but, there are several well-known methods. Below are some of the questions that psychologists and doctors ask to determine identity. Be 100% honest.  

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  • What is your degree of agreeableness?
  • What is your degree of surgency?
  • How conscientiousness are you?
  • Are you emotionally stable?
  • What is your culture like?  
  • Name any professional skills you have learned in the past 3 years
  • What are some unique abilities you possess?
  • Are you capable of critical thinking
  • Do you have effective communication strategies?
  • Are you generally motivated?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how strong are your time management skills?
  • What are your personal interests?
  • Do you have any preferred leisure activities?
  • What is your passion in life?
  • Are you aware of your own reactions to different social situations?
  • What is your best physical and non-physical attribute? Why?
  • What are your good and bad habits?
  • SWOT analysis. Do one on yourself at the present moment. SWOT= Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Opportunities are how your strengths can benefit you and your threats are how your weaknesses can set you back.

Each piece of information is just a small part of the larger construct of your self-identity. There are many more self-assessment questions you can ask yourself. Try our Self-Discovery Challenge or try the examples in this post!

The Bottom Line

Self-discovery benefits you. It promotes self-awareness and builds a solid foundation for the choices you make. You can do self-discovery by various self-assessments. Each determining a different part of your self-identity. Your morals, values, desire, and motives become clearer. You achieve quality decision making. You suddenly become aware of opportunities to leverage your personal strength. You find your weaknesses and work to improve them.

It really starts with you and your drive. You want to live your best life. But you have to trust the process and do the self-assessments when you are ready. No one can force you to do it. You have to be prepared for hard truths. You may realize through the process that you need to make major changes in your life. It’s a beautiful way to recreate the life you want.

So try it! Do some self-assessment questions and find a little more about yourself. Share this post with friends and family so they can explore self-discovery.

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