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10 Helpful Tips for a Truly Inspiring Vision Board

Carefully put together, a vision board should represent a collage of your goals and dreams. Put on a poster board, it features images and words intended to motivate and inspire you to achieve those dreams. 

A collage of pictures and words seems like a high school project, right? Well believe it or not a lot of high profile CEOs and billionaires use this tool as a way to visualize their next goal.

How Does A Vision Board Work?

When you look at a visual manifestation of what you really want there is an emotional connection created that encourages you to take action. 

This idea is based on the controversial Law of Attraction. The idea that you can form your life experiences through thought and that thought alone emits a frequency that’s sent through the universe. 

Dreaming Of Amazing Vision Boards

 Although there is no scientific evidence that proves it works, there may be some merit to it.

A study published in Psychology Today determined that the same brain patterns are activated whether an individual is doing an activity, or imagining they are doing the activity. Meaning that the brain may not be able to tell the difference between a visualization and an action. If the brain already believes that you have achieved it – in theory, there should be no fear or inner belief that you won’t, in fact, achieve whatever it is you want. 

Not sure what you want to accomplish? Check out our article on finding your passion to get you on the right track.

Even if the idea of visualization seems like a hoax to you there is a ton of evidence that physically putting the vision board together forces you to clarify what you really want out of life, and as a result, encourages you to be actionable. 

How To Begin

  1. Determine where you are going to mount/keep your board. It should be in a place that you see every day. This will determine how large your board will be and what you need to put it up (picture hanging kit, tape, or magnets).
  2. Next, you’ll need the board itself, I suggest a large piece of poster board, presentation board, or corkboard. I have even seen people put them in large shadow boxes or glass frames.
  3. Brainstorm the look and feel of your board. Do you like it neat and tidy, or like a collage with random words and pictures on top of pictures? Determine what kinds of things you want to put on your board. You can print out photos, use magazine clippings, use your own personal photos or draw your own pictures and words. Use motivational quotes or personal mantras.
  4. Map it all out. With a pencil lightly outline where you want your images and words. It’s your vision so create it however you like. Make sure you love the layout.
  5. Once you have established exactly how you want things to look, now its time to collect and place your pictures. They should be photos that motivate and inspire you. Words and phrases that align with the goal and mission.
  6. Now its time to put it all together! Feel free to use appliques or glitter to give it some dimension.
  7. Visualize. See yourself doing exactly what your vision is. Look at the bored and envision yourself at the moment when you finally reach your goal. Do this as much as possible to keep the goal top of mind.
  8. Update the board as needed. Sometimes we change our minds or decide that we need to reevaluate our vision. Updating the board also means we don’t become used to the board, it should remind you and inspire you to keep going.

Tips For A Truly Inspiring Vision Board

  • Dedicate time to the project. This is not a task that should be done in 15 minutes. Really think about what you want to accomplish and put images and pictures that give you the right visual.
  • No short cuts! If you need to, go to your local craft store and get the proper tools you need to complete this.
  • Arrange the pictures and words thoughtfully and tastefully. I preferred spaces between my photos and borders around my wording. Design it for your eyes.
  • Use words on the board that describe FEELINGS more than places or things. You want to be able to fully experience your visualization and the brain is hardwired to understand an emotion much easier.
  • Take it seriously. There are many successful people who really believe in the power of visualization. Take time to internalize your future gains.
  • Leave a bit of blank space to put new photos, words or intentions on the board.
  • If you don’t want to leave a blank space, you can always use the back and keep creating or use the back for a completely different goal and alternate month to month.
  • Embellish. This is totally your board so if appliques, stamps, or stickers are your things then really go for it!
  • Do not let anyone criticize it. This is your vision and although it is okay for others to see it differently, it is something YOU need to be inspired by and not anyone else.
  • Actually use it. You have completed this beautiful board of your innermost hopes and dreams, make sure you take time every day or even week to get reinspired.  
Vision Boards Should Be Your Next Project

Visualizing the goal is an awesome start but it will not be enough on its own. You still need to put in the time and effort to make YOUR dreams a reality. I highly suggest reading the post about goal setting so you can start to put your vision board into action!

Share this post with your friends and family and encourage them to make vision boards or throw a craft party to brainstorm dreams and desires and create inspirational content for your very own vision board!

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