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What Salad for Breakfast Can Do for You

When you think of breakfast most people wouldn’t think of salad. Not your usual weekday breakfast option but believe it or not there are tremendous health benefits linked to enjoying this tasty meal in the morning.

Those leafy greens normally found in traditional salad contain important nutrients like folate and vitamin B12. These vitamins reduce stress levels, provide energy, and improve mental performance. So, introducing those in your morning meals will actually give you a good energy boost, which most of us require in the morning!

Other benefits include a mood-boosting effect. High-carb, low-fat breakfasts may be especially true for breakfasts rich in complex carbs which are found in many fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Oh and guess what? salad is a fantastic hangover remedy. Yes!! It has actually been proven to cure the average hangover. reveals that the best way to eliminate the effects of a hangover is to “Increase fresh fruit and vegetables, especially plenty of leafy greens.”

Research shows that leafy greens may be particularly effective at maintaining brain function as you age. In the National Center of Biotechnology, researched if “consumption of green leafy vegetables was associated with slower cognitive decline” It was able to conclude that “Consumption of approximately 1 serving per day of green leafy vegetables and foods rich in phylloquinone, lutein, nitrate, folate, α-tocopherol, and kaempferol may help to slow cognitive decline with aging.”

Interestingly enough, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 1 in 10 adults in the United States actually eats enough fruits and vegetables each day.

Breakfast salads can also aid your digestion. Fiber is either soluble or insoluble. Insoluble fiber helps move food through your gut, reducing the likelihood of constipation. Meals rich in fluids may also help fight constipation.

Salad for breakfast has also been linked to weight loss as it encourages proper amounts of food consumption and lessens the need for sweets. High fruit and vegetable intake contribute successfully to weight loss or less weight gain over time. People who have switched to salad in the morning noticed feeling fuller for longer due to the higher amounts of fiber consumed. Adding a source of protein to your breakfast salad can further reduce hunger and increase feelings of fullness.

 Dr. James Beckerman, An MD at the Providence Heart and Vascular Institute explains that “As a heart specialist, I encourage everyone to eat a salad every day. A large study showed that people who eat salad have significantly and consistently higher blood levels of key nutrients that protect against heart disease, as well as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, immune system problems, eye, and skin disorders – even wrinkles.”

He also makes an excellent point in explaining that it is best to shop at local farmers’ markets. He explains “There’s always something new and in season to inspire your salads. Small farms that grow for local markets tend to offer a wider variety of greens and vegetables chosen for their flavor and nutrition, rather than for their ability to withstand shipping across long distances.”

That’s the beautiful thing about choosing healthy options like salad is you get to customize them to your liking! With so many different kinds of lettuce, veggies, and fruits you can make all different combos for something different every day of the week. A diet rich with fruits and vegetables alongside physical activity will greatly reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancers.

Below are some non-traditional items to throw in to zest up your next salad!

Nuts and Seeds – Crushed or whole, nuts, and seeds can add a great crunch to a leafy salad. They are also packed with fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals, including folate, vitamin E, potassium, and magnesium.

Dried Fruit – They boost your fiber and nutrient intake and can supply your body with large amounts of antioxidants. Be sure to consume it in small doses as dried fruit can be extremely sugary, and when eaten in excess may cause health problems overtime.

Peas for fiber, protein and a lower cholesterol. Peas also provide bone-building vitamin K and manganese. They contain an important micro nutrient called folate – it is crucial for heart health. They store tons of vitamin C that supports your immune system.

Sweet potatoes – The contain lots of potassium which aid in heart health and help regulate blood pressure. They are also very rich in vitamin C and vitamin B6, which is important for brain and nervous system health. Side note, they also help curb those cravings for sugary treats!

sweet potatoe salad

Beets – They also have lots of folate, potassium, betaine, magnesium, and Vitamin C. They contain a good dose of nitrates. Beets can also help reduce blood pressure and anemia, improve circulation and cognitive function. and reduces the risk of heart disease

Sunchokes – This vegetable has a great source of iron, potassium, and thiamin. They are also low in calories and high in fiber. Because they contain inulin, which has little effect on blood sugar, it is therefore quite beneficial for diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Fiddlehead Ferns – They are fat-free, saturated fat-free, cholesterol-free, and sodium-free. They are an amazing source of vitamin B2, copper, phosphorous, and potassium. They also contain vitamin B3, C, and manganese.

If you are like me and prefer to start with a full recipe, try one of these awesome breakfast salad recipes below!


Poached Egg & Avacado Breakfast Salad


Sweet Potatoe and Blueberry Breakfast Salad

salad breakfast

There are so many delicious options when it comes to salad. When people hear the word salad, they tend to associate it with the traditional leafy greens but the truth is salad can be made up of almost anything you like. Meat eaters can add steak, those with sweet tooths can add sweet corn and potatoes, and even those that are picky can always find tons of amazing recipes with simple ingredients to mix it up.

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